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Most visitors on package holidays don’t get to sample the restaurants outside their resorts but if you are in one of the larger towns and like curry, you’ll certainly be rewarded. Remember nearly half the population is Indian! Chinese restaurants are also very common, and a good plan is to look for an Indian place for lunch and a Chinese restaurant for dinner. That’s because the Indian restaurants are usually dry (no alcohol) whereas you can always get beer at the Chinese places.

Popular, predictable and tasty international cuisine is on the menu at Chefs Restaurant in Nadi and Suva, owned by the Jacks Handicrafts chain. On Denarau, at the marina, Cardo’s is the place to head for a juicy steak in a restaurant with a good vibe.


The current is 240 volts and outlets take three-pins – (as in Australia and New Zealand). Leading hotels and resorts have universal outlets for 240v or 110v appliances, or 110V adapters. Some resorts generate their own electricity and if they kick in and out, bedside digital clocks will need resetting. While resorts and transfer companies are reliable in making sure you make flights, connections etc setting an alarm can be a good move.


Because Suva is the centre of government, the High Commissions, Consulates and Embassies are located there.

  • The Australian High Commission (which also looks after Canadians) is at 72 Princes Road Tamavua (Suva) – phone 338 2211, email
  • The New Zealand High Commission is in the Reserve Bank of Fiji building in Pratt Street – phone 311 1422, email
  • The US Consulate is at 31 Loftus Street – phone 331 4466 (recorded info on 330 3888), email
  • The British High Commission is at 47 Gladstone Rd – phone 331 1033.


The emergency telephone number in Fiji is 911.


A return airline ticket or a ticket for onward travel is required for visitors and passports should have at least three months validity beyond the period of intended stay. Visas are not required for travellers from most countries and entry visas are given for 4 months on arrival.


At the time of writing exchange rate rates were around 54 cents Australian, 68 cents New Zealand and 56 cents US to buy a Fijian dollar, which makes it a good value holiday destination.

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