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Many travellers to the tropics get mild tummy upsets. This may not be the fault of the tropics as much as a change of time zone and diet and the body doesn’t like it (who has a full cooked breakfast every day and that extra few drinks every night at home?) While there are natural remedies like lots of water, packing Imodium or similar to take with you may come in handy.


Unless you are coming from a country that has cholera or yellow fever, there’s really no need. (see Vaccinations)


Travel insurance is cheap – because most people don’t get to use it – but if you do, it could save you thousands of dollars. Flights do get delayed, connections do get missed, people do get sick or have accidents and property does get stolen. Policies vary so check the fine print for your needs – e.g. pre-existing health conditions, whether extreme sports are covered, whether property has new replacement value etc. I had a camera stolen in New Zealand and thought I was doing the insurance company a favour by purchasing a similar camera duty free. The fine print only covered the actual value of the item and, as it was a few years old they deemed it to be worth $40. A good policy for Australians travelling to the South Pacific is SureSave – even covers your pets boarding if you are delayed getting home!


One of Fiji’s newest resorts, the Intercontinental is a south of Nadi and located on stunning Natadola Beach.

As the name suggests it has an excellent golf course and Day Spa – for couples with guests they can organise ‘Spa-rties’ where the ladies indulge in some spa pampering while the lads whack the little white ball around. The wedding chapel is stunning and offers live web-cam video so guests at home can also ‘attend’ the wedding.

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There are more cybercafes in Fiji than you can shake a mouse at, especially in Nadi town where a half dozen internet places are found along Main Street. There’s also the Republic of Cappuccino at Nadi Airport. The resorts are now starting to offer WiFi but it is still a tad behind what we are used to at home.


“Island time” is as much part of the tropics as palm trees and azure waters. Go with the flow, relax, pick up on the lack of stress and do your well being a big favour. As they say in neighbouring Vanuatu, “another time, another pace.” And I thank author David Stanley for the phrase, “The coconut will fall when it is ripe.”


Fiji is very much a “resort” destination – 7 nights, one resort – 14 nights, maybe two resorts, especially for first time visitors. There’s nothing wrong with that, it will be a great holiday. Because most people opt for a ‘resort’ experience, it is important to choose wisely.  We know how to match people with the right resort for them, for wish list and budget. Having said that, like Vanuatu and the Cook Islands, there’s more to discover if you are willing to explore outside the resorts, particularly repeat visitors. Our consultants are more than happy to give advice, cost and obligation free – and prices are competitive if you decide to book.  Email here.

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