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Most tourists experience bits of Nadi from the inside of an air-conditioned coach on the way to their resort and really, unless you are interested in how the town ticks, it’s not a bad thing to do. Most resorts have boutique shops where you can buy books & magazines, clothing and chemist items. There are duty free shops in town but you’ll probably find what you want at the airport. For handicrafts, souvenirs, clothing and jewellery, head to Jack’s Handicrafts on Queen’s Road. There are also Jack’s outlets in Sigatoka and at The Sheraton. Chef’s The Restaurant, one of Nadi’s better restaurants, is located behind Jack’s. If you are looking for nightlife, again, your resort may be livelier. The Bounty Bar and Restaurant could appeal for those wanting to see how expatriates enjoy a cold beer, especially if there’s international sport being televised. Ed’s Bar (up the street from the Bounty) is a livelier local place. Couples wanting to marry at a nearby resort (or in the Mamanucas) will get to see Nadi on their way to and from the Registry Office to get their licence.


Namale is on a private peninsula facing the Koro Sea. It’s a bit harder to get to than some resorts but it’s tranquil, private and pretty special. There are six tropical bures and four honeymoon bures with thatched roofs, private decks and great views. The resort offers diving, snorkeling, horseback riding, tennis, hiking, swimming and village tours. Honeymoon bures have king-size beds and double spa tubs. All meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are included but scuba diving is additional. You’ve probably guessed by now that it’s not cheap, but hopefully you only get one honeymoon. You can marry there, but they only allow one wedding per month. The Day Spa has been voted Best in Fiji.

For those on a bit less of a budget but still wanting luxury, the Koro Sun Resort & Rainforest Spa is also a romantic wedding and honeymoon destination and, off the island of Taveuni (20 minutes by water taxi) is Matngi Private Island Resort. Matangi has been voted one of the world’s best private islands and featured in the book, “1000 Places To See Before You Die” – the island caters to a maximum of 12 couples with nine bungalows and three treehouses.

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Fiji became an independent Commonwealth country on the 10th of October, 1970. The anthem was written Michael Francis Alexander Prestcott and the melody is based on a traditional Fijian song.

The English Version

Blessing grant oh God of nations on the isles of Fiji

As we stand united under noble banner blue

And we honour and defend the cause of freedom ever

Onward march together God bless Fiji

For Fiji, ever Fiji, let our voices ring with pride.

For Fiji ever Fiji her name hail far and wide,

A land of freedom , hope and glory to endure what ever befall.

May God bless Fiji

Forever more!

Blessing grant oh God of nations on the isles of Fiji

Shores of golden sand and sunshine, happiness and song

Stand united, we of Fiji, fame and glory ever

Onward march together God bless Fiji.

Meda Dau Doka – Fijian Version

Meda dau doka ka vinakata na vanua

E ra sa dau tiko kina na savasava

Rawa tu na gauna ni sautu na veilomani

Biu na i tovo tawa savasava

Me bula ga ko Viti

Ka me toro ga ki liu

Me ra turaga vinaka ko ira na i liuliu

Me ra liutaki na tamata

E na veika vinaka

Me oti kina na i tovo ca

Me da dau doka ka vinakata na vanua

E ra sa dau tiko kina na savasava

Rawa tu na gauna ni sautu na veilomani

Me sa biu na i tovo tawa yaga

Bale ga vei kemuni na cauravou e Viti

Ni yavala me savasava na vanua

Ni kakua ni vosota na dukadukali

Ka me da sa qai biuta vakadua


(See Coat of Arms)


(see Flag)


Navini Island Resort is one of the smaller Mamanuca resorts. The 10 units have bathrooms of varying sizes, which are reflected in the different prices. While families with children can be accommodated here, Navini is more of a place for couples in search of a quiet holiday. High energy socialites and adrenalin junkies should choose another resort. Honeymooners too should be aware that most meals are consumed at long communal tables, although private dining is easily arranged. The food is good, and boat trips and watersports equipment are provided at no additional cost. The snorkelling off Navini’s white beach is superb with lots of marine life since fishing has been banned here for a long time. The sort of catamaran daytrippers who disembark on islands like Plantation, Castaway, and Mana are not allowed on Navini.

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The Naviti is located on its own Coral Coast bay. It’s hotel style accommodation with air-conditioned rooms that have large balconies facing the ocean or surrounding hills.They have room only or all-inclusive packages that can be good value. Facilities include 3 restaurants, 4 bars, 5 tennis courts, a 9-hole golf course, archery, watersports and there’s a children’s fun park. A good resort for families travelling together.


There are three daily newspapers in Fiji, all coming out of Suva.

The Fiji Times has been around since 1869 and currently belongs to Rupert Murdoch’s estate.

The Daily Post is a rather blander publication, as it’s jointly owned by the Government of Fiji and Colonial Mutual Insurance.

The Fiji Sun is run by an Indo-Fijian businessman and it tends to be more critical than the other two.


Keep your dangly bits covered thanks. Let’s be honest, few us actually look good with our stomach bared let alone anything else (that means you too men) and it doesn’t matter how cool you think your tattoo/nipple/belly ring is.

Doing nudity in Fiji is not appropriate in public, so please, keep your clothes on, unless you can find you own secluded beach. And even then beware.

I met a couple on Tokoriki who took the day trip to a secluded honeymoon beach and the hubby returned with burns to the buttocks that immobilized him for days. Hmm… I guess his bride must have found somewhere more shaded…

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