Visitors Guide X


I haven’t spent Christmas in Fiji, but I have in Vanuatu and I’m sure it is similar.

The paradox of shops in the cities with window decorations of Santa in his red suit and sleigh dashing through the snow; it must seem very strange to the locals.

While some resorts turn on the traditional Christmas fare of turkey, ham and Christmas pudding, we suggest you break with tradition and go for cold seafood and a cool drink. And consider Fiji as your present.


Yes, this is a bit of an excuse to whack something else under ‘X’, but the censorship and pornography laws are quite conservative. While Fiji has a relaxed attitude on the whole, pornographic videos and magazines are not allowed.

There are some R-rated movies available in video shops but they will be in the category of those that appear on Australian and New Zealand television preceded by the appropriate warnings. Don’t upset local custom by importing anything pornographic and don’t expect to find it on the shelf at the supermarket.

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